Childcare Focus


Our aim is to provide childcare centred around your child's happiness and wellbeing, providing exciting fun-filled days, each and every day.




Tiny Elephants Childcare offer an excellent home-based childminding service, where your child’s needs are of utmost importance. Their development, learning and happiness is the ultimate focus. I also aim to provide reassurance that your child’s wellbeing and safety is paramount, giving you that complete peace of mind. Everyday in my care your child will feel welcomed and valued; they will enjoy themselves in a happy and loving environment, leaving each day, looking forward to the next.


Partnership with Parents and my commitment to them


I feel that it is of the highest priority that I have a brilliant relationship with you. The partnership is so important.


One of the most significant parts within our relationship is communication. I promise to always tell you everything about your child’s day with me and you will receive a daily diary. I will also vocalise anything I feel is needed at the end of a day.


I want you to feel relaxed and happy to leave your child in my setting so whenever you want to text or email I will always keep you updated. If you ever would like to set up a meeting to address concerns, private issues or worries, that might be affecting your child, then I am always willing and happy to put some time aside for a proper discussion.


The beginning of a partnership with you is when you come for a visit. You will be shown around my setting, shown all the resources, activities and outings that would take place. You will also be shown a menu of all the food I will be offering.  I will show you all the business documentation and go through the contract with you.


I feel it is of high importance that the contract between us is fully understood and that this is put into place so that the partnership is started on an equal and fully agreed concept. Everyone knows where they stand with a contract and everyone begins as they mean to go on.


I am committed to giving your child the best possible care, which will reassure you and give confidence that your child’s happiness and welfare is of utmost importance.


Your Child’s needs


I feel it is extremely significant to know everything about your child’s routines, any specific needs, dietary requirements, preferences and food allergies as well as rest and sleep times. I think it is important to make sure that all of your child’s routines are stuck to as much as possible. I will also suggest adjustments to a child’s routine if I feel that is what is needed for your child.


It is imperative that your child feels happy, safe and relaxed here. This will only happen if I am meeting the needs of your child. When we're working together as a team, your child’s cognitive, social and emotional outcomes are going to develop far better.


I always want my setting to be an enjoyable and loving place to come to learn and develop each visit. I will always be encouraging of your child in every way, whether it be participating in games, learning activities, eating or even sleeping. I am 100% dedicated to your child’s needs. Everything I plan will always be with your child’s best interests at heart with consistency being very important. I am running a childminding service where your child’s needs are what counts.

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